Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Tri-Care Apostasy OR Jesus-Name Only Praying?

The former Navy Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmidt (please read Klingenschmidt's story at . . . was publicly humiliated by the corrupt military hierarchy, severely reprimanded, and even to this day is scorned by so-called fellow "evangelical chaplains" who have chosen to serve their bellies rather than serve the One and ONLY True God Who IS Jesus Christ!

I also, as a military chaplain (U.S. Army Reserves) have been censored for my publicly held religious convictions as a Christian. Sure, I politely agreed to abstain from even praying at non-religious public prayer ceremonies (e.g. Memorial ceremonies in which all soldiers are commanded to attend), but the fact that I have been forced into such a position of prayer "conscientious objection" (a category that does not even fit in the standard "C.O." military classifications!) is a sad, sad statement on the abuse of religious freedom that is currently en vogue in the United States Military Chaplaincy Branch (interestingly enough, not usually the actual Commanders of companies, battalions, brigades, etc. who can and often do encourage we Jesus-Prayers in our Public Prayers!).

No, contrary to the First Ammendment of the Constitution of the United States of America in which Congress shall make no law "prohibiting the free exercise of religion," from the Navy to the Air Force to the Army to the Marines, Chaplaincies are falling into apostasy . . .

One chaplain, a soon-to-be major, and war vet, even remarked in cowardice that I should "choose my battles" and that the Jesus-Name controversy was "not the hill to die on . . ."

To this utter cowardice (something that goes directly against the Army Values of Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity and Personal Courage), I wrly responded to the captain, "We never choose the hills we are to die on . . ."

So, why would Baptists, Pentecostals, and even one or two Catholic priests "capitulate" and renounce their Christ publicly? (of course, I also know of another Vatican-supporting priest who bravely sought to pray in Christ's Name only to be similarly censored).

Well, the answer is certainly NOT the Chain of Command itself! From President George W. Bush to even Senator Hilary Rodham Clinton, the right of each soldier to pray publicly in the name of their respective deity has been supported. Additionally, most Commanders, both secular and Christian whom I have come across similarly support the Constitution on this point and do not publicly censor their chaplains. In fact, I know of one former company commander who although a secularist nonetheless really appreciated the role of a Jesus' Name-prayin' Chaplain . . .

My "hunch" is that such theological apostasy on the part of many chaplains is simply a fear that their fellow chaplains might publicly pressure them concerning such Jesus-Praying. And, fearing the loss of good military benefits (for example, Tri-Care, the socialized medicine provided by the military), chaplain after chaplain agrees in fear to not pray in Jesus' Name, thereby surrendering his or her rights to pray any way he or she pleases (e.g. in Allah's name, in Buddha's name, et al) as protected by the Constitution.

So, there you have it. The Gordon Klingenschmidt controversy solved. Chaplain Klingenschmidt sided with Jesus. The Chaplain who reprimanded him chose health care instead . . .

Blessings in Jesus' Name,
Rob J King, Constitutional Protector of Freedom

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